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Hey, there! I’m Ashley, and as a coach specializing in transformations for women, I’m on a mission to help you live your life’s purpose and get out of survival mode for good.




Time-sucking activities like searching for things, redoing things, and cleaning all the things steal your most valuable resource from you: your time. In this pdf, each of the 5 areas includes rationale, checklists, affirmations, and action steps so you can reclaim your time and become an abundance rockstar.




My Background

Before becoming a coach for women, I spent years climbing the ranks in the corporate world, even becoming a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt with expertise in Continuous Improvement ‒ in other words, I helped corporations do more with less, cut out waste, and save money. 

My Personal Search for Purpose

I've always wanted to improve the world and serve a purpose in my time on earth that was bigger than just me. I tried to fulfill it by helping women grow in their careers, but I quickly realized that the main reason women wanted to grow their careers was to eventually have more money and more flexibility with their time. 

So I made the natural shift to helping entrepreneurial women. But once again I came to the same conclusion: women want to be able to create more income so they can have more time for themselves.

Once I realized that women wanted solutions to their lack of time and money, I realized I have been training for this for years. My background in Continuous Improvement has equipped me with tons of training, tools, and knowledge on how to improve things and then sustain those improvements - even in your personal life. 

Drawing on my continuous improvement background, I now coach other women to create an abundance of time and money in their lives, so that they can spend it only on what truly feels aligned to their purpose.

Now I know that my purpose is making it easier for other people to serve theirs. I’ll show you how to get out of survival mode, gain the freedom you want in your life, and add value to your family, community, and ultimately, the world. 

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Real Talk

You have all the time, money, and energy you need to pursue your true passions right now. (But we may have to dig them out from beneath the time-sucks and scarcity funk.)

How I Make the Most Of It


When I’m not empowering women to take control of their time, space, and money, you can find me:


  • filling out my gratitude journal

  • endlessly decluttering + organizing my home

  • getting in a few yoga poses

  • making lists (listmaker here!)

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my three core principles


I believe abundance always begins with gratitude for what we already have.


I only spend time, money, and energy on what truly aligns with my purpose.


I will always seek a better way, an easier way, or a way to provide even more


Why Women?

Because when you inspire a woman, you impact the world. 


When women aligning with their purpose is not only good for you, it’s good for the world. (Research says so!) Studies have shown that the more money women have, the more their communities prosper. Why? Because women usually invest a higher percentage of their earnings (like 50% more!) into their families and their communities than men do. That means that investing in women creates a better world overall. 


But some of the effects that come from inspiring women can never be tabulated. Like how we teach the next generation to respect their time, space, and money and use their resources to improve the world as well so that the waves you create today ripple on for centuries. 




Ashley Butler | The Declutter Queen


Ashley Butler is a transformation coach empowering women to get out off the damn hamster wheel and live their best life by decluttering their time, space, and money.

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