I'm Ashley...

I'm a mother, wife, dreamer, writer, entrepreneur, consultant, introvert, 

and eternal optimist.

I help women like you:

get clarity & alignment 

"Because with clarity, consistency, and a little creativity success becomes inevitable."

I'm Ashley, Women's Business Coach, writer, founder of The Female Leadership Club, tired mother of 4, and (self-proclaimed) badass. 


People always ask me:


And I always respond:

"Because I just want to. Yes, a little. Absolutely yes. Again... yes."


But listen... at some point during my career I realized that there just weren't enough resources, connections, and mentors available to women who want to start and grow their own successful (and profitable!) business.


And no one was doing anything about it. 


So, I walked away from my lovely corporate cubicle and...

 I did something about it.


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"I'm honored to

have helped dozens of determined women get clarity on their goals, find their confidence, and advance both professionally & personally." 


I like to get sh!t done

but I also like to have fun...

and I like to live in a world where it's perfectly acceptable (encouraged, even) to do both.

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Dang, girl.
This is getting personal.
(jk. I like you too.) 

My Quick & Dirty Story:

I started my career right out of high school, and worked my way "up the corporate ladder"

by figuring out for myself what worked - or more accurately, what didn't work.

In the last decade:

I went from being a part-time customer service rep to implementing Continuous Improvement strategies for ~300 people in under 6 years.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree by taking classes in the evenings, after work.

I went from making $10/hour to bringing home a six-figure income to my family.

I received my Six Sigma Blackbelt certification.

I lead countless strategic workshops, training classes, and CI events;

developing a robust community of problem solvers & future leaders that

I am still so proud of

"There's plenty of business books written by men for men; but they didn't speak to me. I didn't want to learn how to be a businessman. I wanted to learn how to leverage my uniqueness. I wanted to learn how to be a woman and be taken seriously in a man's world. In order to do that, I had to pave my own way." 

BUT it wasn't easy, Y'all.

  • I had to learn how to speak up and be taken seriously 
    (because I was usually 
    one of the only women in conference rooms) 


  • I experienced mom-guilt regularly and I traveled a lot
    (once only 1 week after returning from maternity leave)

  • I dealt with burnout, frustration, and mental fatigue daily

  • I put up with benevolent sexism, inappropriate comments, gender bias

  • I sacrificed my mental health, my physical well-being, and came thiiiiiis close to ruining my marriage

Look, I'm not telling you any of this to brag or make it look like I have my sh!t together (hint: I don't).

I want you to know that you are not alone.

You are capable of accomplishing everything you're dreaming of Right. Now.

When you're ready, I'd love to help.

Click here to get started.

© Ashley Butler; Business Coach