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We’re taught such conventional ways to do, well, everything. 


Entrepreneurship was not a subject taught when I grew up. And when it was, it meant dropping out of college and starting a big tech company.


But, there are so many other options available to us. Literally thousands of ways we can create income for our families, and yet - we tend to stick to the conventional.


  • Get a corporate job and climb the ladder (been there)

  • Get a degree in business or marketing or finance (been there)

  • Work on making profits for someone else and hope you get recognized once a year with a 3% raise that doesn’t even cover the cost of inflation (you guessed it)

  • Join a pyramid-pay program, message people you haven’t spoken to in 10 years asking if they want to buy something, and recruit your family members to host parties so you can make your money back on the start up costs (not one of my best moments)

  • Go to nursing school or cosmetology school with thousands of other people and work the rest of your life on a shift you don’t love with less than pleasant clients.  (ok, I haven’t done that one)


Find another avenue, just like the rest, that starts out rewarding

but slowly sucks your actual soul from your body.


You get the idea

And I'm not knocking any of them -but these are our options! Why?

Why do ALL of the options we were given mean building wealth for other people? 


Why do all of the options mean we sacrifice our freedom and our balance and our time with our children and our ideas?


Why do all of the options mean we put our futures into the hands of anyone other than ourselves & our life partners?


The system is rigged, y’all. 


Because here’s what they DON’T tell you. 


YOU are valuable.


You are so valuable that right now you could use just your mind, imagination, creativity, and determination, and the magical inter-webs to build an income all your own. 


You already have EVERYTHING it takes.


But still… 


You worry that if you quit your day job you won’t have enough money to feed your family and you’ll end up on a curb with a cardboard sign begging for half eaten McMuffins. 


So you keep going through the motions of life, willing yourself to be happy and grateful (like you “should be”), wishing things were different without saying it out loud, and praying you win the lottery.


Here’s the good news: 


You don’t need to win the lottery.

You ARE the lottery.


You have the gifts, talents, and superpowers that can not only make the world a better place, but can also make you happier and more fulfilled and extremely wealthy


Just. By. Sharing Them.


You are the lottery.

You are a unicorn.,

You are the HERO of your story 


But… your inner antagonist doesn’t think so. 

She pulls you back, makes you second guess yourself, and does everything in her power to keep you confined to her comfort zone. 


So even though you have big dreams and good intentions, 


  • You aren’t consistent

  • You go through more “downs” than “ups”

  • You have imposter syndrome like a mo-fo

  • You lose motivation regularly

  • You feel like you’re annoying and selfish and too much 

  • You don’t believe you could ever actually do any of it…. 


That’s where I come in.


I see your inner antagonist, even if you don’t. I'll show you how to hunt her down and pull her from the trenches of your mind faster than you can say Dog The Bounty Hunter. 



Rewind Your Mind


Establish Your Baseline

I can't help you improve anything (anything!) unless we can articulate exactly where you're starting. In the first step of this program, you'll establish a baseline using my

Complete Life Grading assessment sheet.


This process tunes you into exactly where you need to focus to create the most profound impact without overwhelm.

This is the bread + butter of the program - in this module we go back to the past and explore the key pivotal moments that sparked self-limiting beliefs in your life. This is the foundation to hunting down that inner antagonist and facing exactly how she shows up in your behaviors and choices today - so that you can reverse the damage.


Rewind Your Mind


Create Your Purpose

Using the invaluable knowledge from the first two steps, you'll go through the process of defining the intention you want to put behind your choices & actions - or what I refer to as your Purpose. This step creates a North Star to guide every decision you make and ultimately is the path to fulfillment, freedom, and joy. We also cover Values, Vision, & Goals during this part of the process. 

The last part (although all of this is ongoing lessons you'll use for the rest of your life) is to begin doing the work to rewire your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind fires thoughts that cause you to act without thinking. Getting beneath that layer gives you the ability to control the choices from a place of self-enhancement - leading to a new way of living in ways aligned in abundance that becomes automatic.


Rewire Your Subconcious


Program Lifetime Access

Including: video lessons, downloadable worksheets, journal prompts, and audio files.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace program, so you can digest each section on your schedule, based on your own needs. You'll have lifetime access, so there's no rush, giving you the space to be intentional as you learn.

Feedback & Accountability 

Learning without implementing is just entertainment. This program is not for your entertainment, it's for your development.

So, you'll get feedback and support specific to your journey. You'll also have accountability and regular check-ins to keep you on track when life gets busy (because it will!)

THE Best Support Squad

Our private FB Group is the safe space you've been looking for. We openly give & receive encouragement, insight, and guidance.

As with anything in life, you get back what you put in - which is what makes our friend group unlike any other you've been apart of.

Rewind Your Mind

bring your life to the next level of abundance

(by destroying the inner antagonist causing you to constantly hold yourself back from greatness)